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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Nashua, NH

Criminal Law | Defense Lawyer | Trial Lawyer

Attorney Stephen Rosecan has over 15 years of  legal experience handling criminal cases and advocating for his clients.

Legal Representation When You Need It Most

When you’re facing a criminal charge, your reputation, livelihood, freedom, and life are under threat. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. Contact Attorney Rosecan to see if he can use his experience to help you. Rosecan Law serves these legal areas and more:

Attempted Murder
Sexual Assault
Felony Assault
Misdemeanor Assault
Simple Battery
Disorderly Conduct
Domestic Violence

Drug Possession and Drug Sales
Illegal Alcohol Transportation
Reckless Driving
Motor Vehicle Violations
Criminal Mischief
Juvenile Matters


Attorney Rosecan worked for over 12 years as a public defender in Hillsborough County - representing clients in Manchester, Nashua, and the surrounding towns.

Attorney Rosecan is committed to a thorough and detailed approach to criminal defense.

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